Fun, isn't it?

Let us crunch the numbers while you run the business.

You know you need to do the books, but you simply hate doing it, right?

You know your business will grow only if the numbers are taken care of. You also know it’s the part of the business that gives you a real headache. Well, consider me your bottle of aspirin. Extra strength.

Evan SchroederHi. I’m Evan Schroeder, and I’m here to help.

I’m not part of a huge CPA firm, and I’m not on staff draining your payroll. I’m just me—helpful, courteous, knowledgable. On call whenever you need to prepare a financial statement or simply need some numbers advice. Or on a regular schedule, like doing your books every month, so you can run the business or even take a day off. I’ve been doing this quite a while. For the big guys, in fact. But now I work alone, helping just you and other small businesses. No fancy office, no expensive overhead. Meaning I’m affordable. And I answer the phone when you call. Believe it or not, I think crunching numbers is fun. Which lets you do whatever you think is fun.



Going beyond the numbers
to help you grow your business.

Proudly serving Arizona

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I strive to make it possible for those of you who cannot afford a CPA firm nor staff an accountant, or who simply hate dealing with numbers, to have access to your personal accountant whenever needed to help grow your business. I’m accessible, affordable, and always willing to help. Call me!

—Evan Schroeder

Provide the highest quality accounting and financial statement preparation services at an affordable price to small and medium sized businesses.

Here’s what I can do for you:


Monthly Accounting and reconciliation for business in almost all industries using your choice of QuickBooks or Xero accounting software.

Financial statements preparation | General ledger accounting | Account reconciliations | Budgeting | Cash flow monitoring | Financial analysis | Fixed asset management

Accounting software consulting/implementation

training for QuickBooks

Get expert training for Quickbooks, both online and desktop versions, by a certified QuickBooks Pro Advisor.

. . .


I am a Certified Advisor for Xero. Give me a call.

Business Advisory Services

Entity evaluation and selection | Subscription costs | Assistance in obtaining financing | Tax compliance and planning | Accounting and assurance services | Business plan/budget

Management consulting

Does your company need a culture change? All your needs can be solved by assessing your companies needs and development a management plan to change and or improve your company culture.


What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?
My mission is to provide the highest quality accounting and financial statement preparation services at an affordable price too small to medium sized businesses, specializing in owner-operators. I am proud to serve businesses in the state of Arizona.
Do you Offer Long Term Services?
Absolutely. The best relationships are long-term, as time gives us the opportunity to “sync” with each others’ methods and timing. And my regular clients can call me just about anytime with an urgent question, and I’ll gladly help them as quick as possible.
What is an Enrolled Agent

An Enrolled Agent is a tax license that is offered and overseen by the IRS.  An enrolled agent has unlimited practice rights with regards to tax preparation and audit representation. An enrolled agent can practice in any state in the US.


LLC vs Sole Properitorship

A sole proprietorship is not registered with any state agencies such as the Arizona Corporation Commission. This means you are not a legal entity and are responsible for the debts and liabilities of the business.

An LLC is a hybrid of the partnership and corporate forms that allows the liability protection of a corporation with the tax advantages of a partnership

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