Hello. I’m Evan Schroeder, the owner of Schroeder Consulting Services.

Being a business consultant first and an accountant second, I am always striving to make my clients more profitable. I opened the company in 2017 seeking my share of the American dream and also to help other find their American dream. I want to make it possible for those of you who cannot afford a CPA firm nor staff an accountant, or who simply hate dealing with numbers, to have access to your personal accountant whenever you need help growing your business. Being business consultant first simply means that I will always use the data provided to help my clients grow their business—besides just classifying expenses and running your monthly income statements. Many of our clients have worked with large accounting firms. They came to Schroeder Consulting Services and stayed because my company not only delivers the same caliber of technical expertise as the large firms, we make it our business to put clients first by focusing on the solutions and business processes most critical to their success—making it a priority to completely understand and anticipate each client’s needs.

I moved to Arizona in 2015 from California with the mindset of offering the highest quality services for business owners and individuals who could not otherwise afford accounting services with a large firm. I am proud to serve the businesses and individuals of Arizona.