There are the mistakes that I have made in my company and I can only hope that this information can help other business owners avoid making the same mistakes I have made.

Keep clients happy and retention high!

There are things every business owner who has a service-based company should do to keep one’s clients happy and to keep their client retention high. There are also certain things that can cause issues for the business owner, I’d like to outline some of the don’ts for business owners to consider

  1. Make every attempt to keep your clients life out of the business relationship: This can cause the business relationship to suffer and can cause the business owner to do tasks outside of the scope of your engagement, as much as you want to be there for your client there must be a defined line of the business and personal life of the client.
  2. Try to avoid meeting at the home of a client: even if the client has a home-based business try to meet at a neutral site such as Starbucks, this will keep distractions from the client’s personal life such as children, family pets etc. Meeting at a neutral sight will allow for a more productive meeting and in some cases can allow you to free up more time as more gets accomplished in less time.
  3. This one is more for the accounting professional, when doing a client’s accounting try not to use a client’s personal accounts, this will cause financial statements to have more expenses then needs and, in some cases, can over state income for your client.



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