When looking for funding sources for your business there are so many choices from small business loans with your local bank or to use SBA Loans. SBA loans are mainly used after all other funding options have been exhausted, now a common myth is that the SBA (Small business administration) lends their own money. This is not true the SBA is a guarantor on small business loans issued by banks. This means they reduce risk and enable easier access to capital to start or grow your business. Some of these benefits are SBA-guaranteed loans generally have rates and fees that are comparable to non-guaranteed loans. Some SBA approved loans come with support upon receipt of the loans to help you start and or continue to run your business. Additional benefits are low down payments for these types of loans with flexible overhead requirements such as a home, car, or inventory to guarantee the loan if a default happens. Some SBA loans depending on the amount do not require such collateral.    

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