I used to retain a CPA firm for taxes and bookkeeping. Getting feedback took days and callbacks took over a week, if at all. There was no way to double-check their work without doing double the work myself. Evan responds within an hour if he doesn’t answer when I call. His reports are very clear and easy to read. When I send reports to tax person their job is very simple and I don’t really need to speak to them at all. I feel I get tremendous value for what I am charged.
—Chad D.

Evan was great at getting me set up and transferred from Mac to Online. I love it so much more. He was effective at teaching me how to use it. Great customer service.
—Shyla C.

Evan is very helpful and has an excellent knowledge of accounting as well as QuickBooks! He got my accounting building automated and even got my customers the ability to pay online. He saved my business.
—Jack S.

I highly recommend Evan for all of your Bookkeeping needs. Highly experienced and knowledgeable. Will guide you in the correct path and help you create a system that will make you more efficient.
—Jose R.

I hired Evan to help me with my bookkeeping and tax preparation. Evan is easy to work with, detail-oriented, and trustworthy. He discovered that I had been overpaying in my taxes in the way I was reporting my income and saved me a lot of money. I would recommend him to any small business owner who wants to learn how to use Quickbooks better, or as the bookkeeper of their business.

—Michele R.